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Borgo Contracts

  • GSA

    Borgo GSA Contract

    click here for a downloadable copy of the GSA Order Procedure.

    GSA Order Information
    Date: November 16, 2011
    Contract Details
    Titles Details
    Contract Number: GS-27F-0004T – Office & Special Use Furniture (Auditorium/Theatre Seating)
    Contract End Date: November 15, 2021
    Special Item Number: 71-302 | 71-395
    FSC Group: 71, Part 3
    Cage Code: L0581
    Federal Tax ID: 100585041
    Business Size: Small
    DUNS#: 247639206
    Discount: SIN 71-302 | 56.9% off published List price for single orders (1 location) under $50,000.00 Net SIN 711-16 | 711-17 | 711-18 | 711-19 | 56.9% off published List Price for single orders – (1 location) under $50,000.00 Net 711-16 | 711-17 | 711-18 | 711-19 | 59.3% off published List Price for single orders – one location over $50,000.00 Net
    Freight: Borgo pays all freight charges (FOB Destination) on orders greater than $3,000.00 Net With the exception of Hawaii which freight is calculated on individual orders On Orders less than $3,000.00 Net
    • Destination points East of the Mississippi River – add 6% of Net value
    • Destination points West of the Mississippi River – add 9% of Net value
    • Freight to Hawaii is Calculated on an individual order basis
    Freight Factor is based on dock to dock delivery with no special instructions.
    The order is processed as per standard procedure but is to be specifically designated as GSA by the following:

    All prices are from the Borgo 2013 Price List

    Procedure for Processing Orders:
    Directly from a Government Agency:
    All orders for GSA should be received at Borgo directly from a US government agency signified by the name of the purchaser. The pricing on the order is to reflect that established in one of the two Borgo GSA contracts. This will help to identify the order as GSA. The contract number should be noted on the order by the client but may not be in all cases. Ensure this number does appear on the Order Acknowledgement and on the Invoice.
    GSA Advantage:
    The above procedure is also to be applied to all orders received via GSA Advantage.
    Participating Dealer:
    Orders involving a dealer will come to Borgo marked as and also send a signed copy of this agreement: Dealer’s Corporate Name (i.e. Dealer ABC) c/o Borgo Contract Seating 324 Carlingview Dr. Toronto, Ontario M9W 5G5 This will signify the dealer of record on the project. The commission to be remitted by Borgo to this dealer is 10% of the Net sale. A copy of all correspondence between Borgo and the end client go to the dealer of record and the Borgo representative. The dealer of record must also sign the following and send a copy along with the P.O. I agree that this agreement shall be governed by the Laws of the Province of Ontario and the laws of Canada applicable therein and any unresolved disputes shall be heard by the Superior Court of Justice at Toronto.

    Signed Dealer of Record_________________________________

    Credit Card Payment:
    Credit Card orders can be accepted by Borgo but can not currently be processed directly by Borgo. 1. If there is a dealer involved in the project the credit card must be processed by the dealer of record. The payment of the order from the end user will be processed by the dealer. The dealer will calculate their commission of 10% from the net sale amount by deducting the freight factor included in the unit cost. They will also deduct the IFF amount from the amount payable to Borgo but not from the commission calculation. The freight factor must be supplied to the dealer by Borgo. It is the responsibility of the dealer to submit the IFF amount to GSA. The dealer will then issue payment to Borgo to complete the transaction.