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  • Airform

    Designed for thermal and acoustic insulation, Airform is a modular made up of 100% polyester fiber panels. Without requiring any support frames, a special thermoforming process perfectly combines Trevira CS fabrics and polyester fibers to create Airform’s distinctive and aesthetically appealing rounded sides.
  • Airgraf

    By using real graphic walls, Airgraf improves acoustic comfort and reduces reverberation in the most practical and creative way. Designed for thermal and acoustic insulation, it is a modular made up of 100% polyester fiber panels. In addition to ensuring a high technical performance and a long lifespan, it can be used to decorate walls and ceilings according to the customer’s own taste. The panel’s visible side can be covered with a wide range of Trevira CS fabrics or, upon request, the panels can be printed with customized high resolution graphics.
  • Airsquare

    The trendy diamond-shape panels recall the lines of a tile-size that was widely popular in the early 20th century. Its special faceted design aids sound absorption while controlling refraction. Very light and easy to install, Airsquare is upholstered in fabric which is combined with fiber through a special thermoforming process and is available in the same colors as Airform.
  • Airtwin

    These modular and acoustical panels feature double molded edges similar to the Airform panels. For extra acoustical comfort and privacy, the panels’ properties are functional on both sides. This solution is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. The option is available to upholstered both sides of the panels in a variety of colored finishes.
  • Concretech

    An unprecedented finish in the world of acoustic insulation. Without sacrificing acoustic comfort or aesthetics, Concretech’s special panels allow users to experience the textured feel of concrete; a material that usually does not go hand in hand with good acoustic quality, with exceptional acoustic performance. The concrete design creates a striking contrast between its own reflection and the sound absorption capacity of the medium density fiberboard it contains.
  • Decorvox

    Decorvox leverages the simplicity and efficiency of felt, an ancient material now widely used by modern designers through its natural wool fibers and sophisticated manufacturing process. Mechanical compression, steam and heat are the three elements used to obtain various types of felt containing different density and thicknesses. Due to the porous structure and the hollow fibers of the wool, which acts as a capillary conduit, it also features great sound absorption capacity. Minor differences in the color and small inclusions of the natural fiber on the surface, prove that the material is 100% natural.
  • Easy Air

    Thanks to incorporated magnets, Easy Air is a painted metal structure that allows easy installation of round and square Airtwin panels. Ideal as an easy to remove partition, Easy Air can be moved as required, as there is no need for any structural intervention. To reduce noise by 35%, there is the option to mount up to nine panels, guaranteeing high-performance acoustic insulation.
  • Listen

    A traditional sound-absorbing element, used since the very beginning of the history of architectural acoustics, wood a timeless finish that creates a natural visual impact by combining visual and acoustic comfort. Listen is synonymous with environment-friendly production processes and materials, to ensure highly recyclable products.
  • Metalia

    Metalia is created through the use of perforated metal panels with holes of various sizes to reproduce figurative or abstract images. For unique visual emotions enhanced by acoustic comfort, The Raster Punch® technology creates timeless images filtered through a simple, yet elegant, interplay of light. Sound-absorbing materials secretly play their role below the surface, while a backlighting system lights up the room with a subtle charm.
  • Petra

    Slate is another revolutionary finish offered by Fonology in the field of soundproofing materials. Featuring high acoustic performance, the fiber material is covered by true rock. Sound propagates perfectly in any room through the optimization provided by this innovative material, combining acoustic comfort and the powerful aesthetic impact of natural stone.
  • Pra

    Stylized “blades of grass” give PRA’ its high sound absorption capacity and excellent acoustic performance in open-space environments. Carefully designed shapes and angles improve acoustic comfort in your surroundings, and multiple modules give you the freedom to arrange your space however you like.