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metalia metalia


Images Across Metal
Metalia is created through the use of perforated metal panels with holes of various sizes to reproduce figurative or abstract images. For unique visual emotions enhanced by acoustic comfort, The Raster Punch® technology creates timeless images filtered through a simple, yet elegant, interplay of light. Sound-absorbing materials secretly play their role below the surface, while a backlighting system lights up the room with a subtle charm.
Where and How
To provide feelings of comfort and wellness, Metalia is a modern, attractive system that can turn public buildings, homes or multi-purpose rooms into spaces that are pleasing to the ear and beautiful to the eye.
Hospitality, Offices, Schools
Wall Mounted

  • Painted 10/10 sheet panels, 20 mmthick rear polyester fiber pad; it can be integrated with other products(Listen, Concretech, Decovox) by changing panel thickness.
    • Punched with patented system RASTERPUNCH with customized patterns and drawings upon request.
    • Density 40 Kg/m3
  • Square

    Height Width Depth
    Overall 23.5" (600 mm) 23.5" (600 mm) 0.6" (16 mm)
  • Rectangle

    Height Width Depth
    Overall 23.5" (600 mm) 47" (1200 mm) 0.6" (16 mm)
  • Oversized

    Height Width Depth
    Overall 118" (3000 mm) 39.5" (1000 mm) 0.6" (16 mm)