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The Warmth of Wool
Decorvox leverages the simplicity and efficiency of felt, an ancient material now widely used by modern designers through its natural wool fibers and sophisticated manufacturing process. Mechanical compression, steam and heat are the three elements used to obtain various types of felt containing different density and thicknesses. Due to the porous structure and the hollow fibers of the wool, which acts as a capillary conduit, it also features great sound absorption capacity. Minor differences in the color and small inclusions of the natural fiber on the surface, prove that the material is 100% natural.
Where and How
Decorvox is perfect for the most refined and classic environments, while also enhancing furnishings and hi-tech devices with an elegant frame. Designed to ensure installation versatility, it can be applied to “difficult” surfaces, on either walls and false ceilings, creating a wide variety of unique shapes for this type of product.
Hospitality, Offices, Schools
Wall Mounted

  • 16 mm fireproof MDF panel, perforated, hole D 10, 16 mm pitch, coupled with 5mm thick mixed wool felt on the visible side.
    • Composition 80% wool 20% rayon.
    • Density 0.30 gr/cm3,
    • Counterweight 1500 g/m2;
    • Resistance to temperature: roughens at 100°C, decomposition begins at 130°C;
    • AP 171 fireproofing treatment Category 1 (UNI 8456/8457).
    • class 1 (B,s2; d0).
    • Color Finishes:
      • Black
      • Dark Brown
      • Dark Green
      • Dark Grey
      • Dark Red
      • Light Grey
      • Midnight Blue
      • Orange
      • Red
      • Sandy
      • Yellow
  • Square

    Height Width Depth
    Overall 23.5" (600 mm) 23.5" (600 mm) 0.8" (21 mm)
  • Rectangle

    Height Width Depth
    Overall 23.5" (600 mm) 47" (1200 mm) 0.8" (21 mm)