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All-Round Soundproofing
The trendy diamond-shape panels recall the lines of a tile-size that was widely popular in the early 20th century. Its special faceted design aids sound absorption while controlling refraction. Very light and easy to install, Airsquare is upholstered in fabric which is combined with fiber through a special thermoforming process and is available in the same colors as Airform.
Where and How
Easy to install on the broadest range of structures, Airsquare aids the replacement of existing false ceilings or the creation of new ones using the T24 or Silhouette structure. It is ideal for environments that require a good acoustic insulation solution that also expresses a distinct style. Once installed, it is easy to remove for the maintenance of any underlying cables.
Hospitality, Offices, Schools
Ceiling Mounted

  • Square

    Height Width Depth
    Overall 23.5" (600 mm) 23.5" (600 mm) 2" (50 mm)