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Solutions for Today’s Classrooms, Lecture Halls & Informal Learning Spaces

Active Learning Spaces:

The newly launched classroom chair Attivo get its name from the Italian word for “active.” At its core, Attivo was designed to play an active role in the classroom. This design did not go unnoticed as it was awarded “Best of Chicago From Your Couch” for Educational Furnishings and honoree mentions in Interior Design Magazine’s “Best of Year Awards.” Attivo

Key features of Attivo include:

  • Non-handed tablet with soft polyurethane edge swivels independently of the support arm and seat allows for 360-degree motion
  • Armless seat shell design accommodates users of multiple sizes and affords freedom of movement
  • Underseat book basket with four vertical supports allows for easy storage access including structural integrity to accommodate users up to 300 lbs
Designed to create flexible classroom environments, Attivo facilitates group activities while accommodating socially distant requirement.

High Density Lecture Hall Seating:

Omnia Evolution

When it comes to fixed seating, Omnia Evolution is one of a kind, creating unique lecture hall and classroom settings without sacrificing form or function. Each Omnia Evolution installation is built to accommodate all architectural requirements, including combinations of flat, sloped or tiered floors, and straight or curved rows. The real innovation comes on curved layouts where the patented full-size Flip-Up Anti-Panic tables are secured along an aluminum track. This allows for the individual worksurfaces to be positioned directly in front of the user.   Endless options make Omnia Evolution a designer dream. It offers multiple aesthetics including wood seats and backs, upholstered pads and fully upholstered options. Omnia Evolution received a runner up award for Fixed Seating in the recent “Chicago For Your Couch” competition.  


Common Areas & Informal Learning Spaces:

Today’s educational environments aspire to be a more collaborative place. This concept emerges from the idea that through social interaction, creativity will have the opportunity to thrive and brilliant ideas will be fostered. Scala offers an alternate informal solution for common area settings. This multi-level step system promotes a collaborative environment where students can gather in comfort and ease. Options include rear mounted counters, removable tops for storage, and the ability to specify laminate and upholstered surfaces.   We at Borgo define excellence in educational seating as enhancing the customer and user experience in every possible way. This begins with innovations in safety and comfort, which lead to helping our customers create the perfect solution for their environments. Learn more about our products featured in Common Areas, Classrooms and Lecture Halls at

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