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What’s New

Date Added
November 13, 2015 Canadian SA: A look at our latest configurable products specifically for the SA
October 27, 2015 Price Lists: Omnia Contract Beam, Omnia Evolution, Premiere, Tempo, Notte, Nibia
October 16, 2015 Price Lists: Zero9 HD
August 31, 2015 Product Search: Filtered product search area with many different criteria to help you better find what you are looking for.
August 13, 2015 Contacts: Revamped contact page to find local reps, dealers and showrooms with a customized google map, markers and easy to search/print directions.
July 29, 2015 CAD Drawings: Accademia, Matrix, Eidos, Genesis, Genesis Evolution, Metropolitan, Moncton, Omnia, Omnia Beam, Omnia Contract, Omnia Evolution, Premiere, Tempo & Thesi
July 16, 2015 Price Lists: Familia, Vivo, Sera, Casa, Fila, Flex, Tazza, Cheer, Townsend Elite, Remo
July 13, 2015 CAD Drawings: Ascot, Ari, Mariquita, Keaton, Cheer, Papillon