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metropolitan metropolitan metropolitan metropolitan


by Giovanni Baccolini
DESIGNED FOR FLEXIBILITY:: Rugged solid beech wood or elegant upholstered arm caps are options for the Metropolitan that can make any space unique and beautiful.
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  • 4500
    Standard chair (center to center 21.25" (540 mm)
    Comfort chair (center to center 22" (560 mm)
    Full arm standard (center to center 21.25" (540 mm)
    Full arm comfort (center to center 22" (560 mm)
    • Choice of two different seating widths – Standard 21.25” (540 mm) and Comfort 22” (560 mm).
    • The Metropolitan features a double curved back, allowing for a high level of comfort.
    • The seat is made of tubular steel with elastic webbing, and the back is made of 0.4” (10.5 mm) bent plywood.
    • The seat and back are cold-formed self-extinguishing, CFC free polyurethane foam, with the average density thickness of 3” (80 mm) and the density of the seat 3.5 lbs/ft³ (55 kg/m³) and back 2.5 lbs/ft³ (40 kg/m³).
    • The flip-up seat movement uses counterweights and gravity for years of reliable use.
    • The Metropolitan has rubber stops that dampens the sound of the automatically closing seats.
    • The lower back is equipped with a standard powder coated black steel protector.
    • A crisp foot design hides any visible fasteners allowing for a clean look along the floor.
    • Outer and inner legs are kept consistent throughout for an aesthetically pleasing design.
    • Armrest comes standard fully upholstered.
    • The anti-panic table (fixed to the back) is made of post-formed scratched-resistant bi-laminated wood composite with rounded front edge and the side and back edges are in 2 mm thick ABS 11.75” (300 mm) deep and 1” (30 mm) thick.
    • Fold-away anti-panic writing tablet in Black HPL that is 0.3” (8 mm) thick.
    • Anti-panic post-formed, scratch resistant table, that is 11.75” (300 mm) deep and 1” (30 mm) thick, with 2 mm ABS edge band on sides and back.
    • Rugged solid beech wood or elegant upholstered arm caps are options which can make any space unique and beautiful.
    • Textured Black polypropylene arm cap.
    • 2 different full to the floor arm options.
    • Compact narrow arm with depth of 16.75” (425 mm).
    • Full wood back panel in natural beech.
    • Lower back wood back protector in natural beech.
    • Under seat in beech plywood natural color.
    • Micro spring seat for extra added comfort.
    • Place and row embroidered or hot glued numbering (not available on the wood under-seat and side panel).
    • Custom color for steel frame.
    • Custom wood stain.
    • Moveable beam in 1, 2 and 3 configuration beams available with suction cups, glides or casters.
    • Cup holder.
    • Row terminal light.
    • Multi-media units can include power and microphones integrated right into the Tempo to meet the most technologically demanding environments
Dimensions :: Click to enlarge
  • 4500, 4533 - Standard

    metropolitan dimensions
  • 4510, 4534 - Comfort

    metropolitan dimensions
  • Fixed Table on Back

    metropolitan dimensions

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