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    As a company and community neighbor, we are exceedingly proud of the fact that we manufacture products that are among the most sustainable in the industry.

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  • This award winning chair has its design enhanced by the fine finishing materials and wide range of models, all of which are folding and can be stacked horizontally.

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  • Privacy in Privée

    The furniture becomes the architecture; the canopies, although enclosed, are inviting structures that wrap around the seating to ensure privacy and acoustic comfort.

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  • Flex

    The resistance test allows this chair to support a strength flexure higher than 220 lbs. (100 kg) avoiding any alterations.

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    As Borgo celebrates its 30th anniversary providing 30 years of excellence.

We at Borgo define excellence in fixed seating as enhancing the customer and user experience in every possible way. This begins with innovations in safety and comfort which lead to helping our customers create a space that strengthens the benefits for users. Our expertise in fixed seating, in areas such as responsive customizing, Italian design and Canadian ingenuity, lends itself to our many offerings in corporate, hospitality and healthcare.

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