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Borgo Press Release Archive


Vivo is a chair design to be at the core of the healing process, giving patients and care givers renewed life. The chairs contemporary aesthetic allows the user to feel as thou they are apart of a state of the art facility.
SUPPORT IN THE DETAILS Large dual wheel casters allow for easy, smooth movement of the Vivo. The powder coated metal push handle helps to aid the movement in an easy to clean, sanitary way. SUPPORT YOUR PATIENTS The back recline and foot rest act independent of one another, offering the right support for the right job. Two gas springs, make up the movements of the Vivo. They allow for the back to recline in a smooth, silent movement that will not agitate a patient, similarly for the footrest… Read More


With the Fila chair, Borgo looks back at history to use machines to create the spirit that was once the Arts and Crafts Movement. The assembly of the many unique machined parts of Fila, introduces the assembler to the traditional skills and crafts that were once synonymous with wood working. At first glance all piece look similar but each are uniquely different. The rows (“fila” in Italian), of the wood spindles, which run up and down the seat and back, each one is slightly different, and spaced to offer the right amount of comfort and support. Fila is available as a side chair and arm chair, and showcases how a traditional material such as wood, can be elegant, functional and comfortable…. Read More


The name TAZZA comes from the Italian world meaning “cup” and that is where BORGO drew its inspiration for this cozy line of multi-purpose chairs. Similar to a cup, the Tazza’s shell gently hugs the users, and similar to much dinnerware the Tazza is part of a full line of chairs.
FEATURES & BENEFITS The Tazza’s polymer seat shell, offers all the support and comfort a chair should have. The shell is ergonomically contoured to the user, with a waterfall front edge seat design which alleviates pressure from the back of the thighs. A surprising flex to the back that is achieved solely through the innovative use of material… Read More


FLEX is characterized by a revolutionary engineering polymer, a non-toxic innovative material that ensures high heat resistance, electrical, chemical wear, and guarantees excellent physical and mechanical characteristics.
ERGONOMIC SUPPORT The polymer, due to its bending and torsion characteristics, reacts to the various posture of the users promoting blood circulation and improving concentration. The human body takes a variety of positions during the day, and FLEX moves in an intuitive manner by inviting the movement, specifically the lower limbs and torso… Read More

zero9 hd

A natural extension of the BEST of NeoCon AWARD WINNING ZERO9, the Zero9 HD is a multi-functional chair High Density stacking chair. Offering outstanding comfort with numerous options. The Zero9 HD can be adapted to suit any application from learning spaces to cafeterias. Its design is enhanced by the availability of a wide selection of configurations including arm and armless versions, a combination of upholstered and polypropylene seats and backs.
NATURAL EVOLUTION The Zero9 HD, is a natural extension of the multipurpose Zero9 chair, which finds its routes in the Zero7 high performance ergonomic chair, allowing to unify every room in an environment… Read More


With PRIVÉE, the furniture becomes the architecture. The IIDEX Canada, Bronze winning lounge-based workplace seating with the feel of your home comfort. With the enclosed “Canopy” this gives privacy within the office environment while keeping the open social environment. Part of the refined system of seating is the bench with optional tables and trays which can be easily stored with easy access for use when required.
FLEXIBLE CONFIGURATION Privée’s compatible components have been designed to offer endless combinations and ease of use, generating new ideas to manage space and meet different needs with modular and reposition-able pieces… Read More


ZERO9 is an BEST of NeoCon AWARD WINNING multifunctional chair which offers outstanding comfort with numerous options. The Zero9 can be adapted to suit any application from office to training rooms. Its design is enhanced by the availability of a wide selection of materials such as wood, polypropylene and upholstery which translates into a wide range of models, all of which can nest and be stacked horizontally.
FEATURES & BENEFITS Features a self-adjusting flexible back support, available in three options – scratchproof polypropylene (12 colors), mesh (5 colors), and… Read More


Fluid contours outline the overall design and aesthetics of the L’Aqua, to which it gets it name. In L’Aqua means “water” and that is where Borgo drew its inspiration for the chair. Polished die-cast aluminum components naturally wrap around the chair, and the mesh back and seat allows for air to flow freely through chair, offering a superior sit.
For the L’Aqua, Borgo has adopted the design concept of the gear paddle shifting of Formula One into the operating switches of our ergonomic chair. It makes the function operation of the chairs up to 8 times faster than operating a chair with the standard mechanisms. It is even much more convenient for users to adjust in an easier and quicker way without changing the seated position… Read More


Borgo Contract Seating, a leader in fixed seating, announces that November 2014, will mark the company’s 30th anniversary of its founding. Alessandro Spassiani, founder and president, said, “30 years seems like a long time, 1984 seems like only yesterday.”
THREE GUYS. ONE VILLAGE. ONE PASSION FOR FORWARD THINKING FURNITURE In 1984, three men came together to share their vision for reliable, forward-thinking furniture that was well designed and well built… Read More