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    • naxos
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    • Naxos
    • naxos


      Characterizing Lounge Seating. Minimalism and composing freedom, Naxos, allows for an open dialogue among design, classicism and modernity. Naxos maintains the purity of design that has always characterized Borgo’s lounge seating. Classical harmony of the forms and absolute comfort are the two essential elements that define Naxos. The high level of finishing and natural proportions exalt the line, bringing to the office the positive sensations of home living.
      Applications: Lobbies | Lounges | Hotels
      Type: Lounge | Love Seat | Sofa
    • jolly


      Applications: Office | Conference Rooms | Restaurants | Bars | Lobbies
      Type: Side | Arm | Task | Disc Base | Bar Stool
    • ascot


      TUXEDO SOFA WITH A SPIN :: The Ascot offers transitional elegance and comfort of a tuxedo sofa with a modern spin. This classic look allows for its ability to fit a multitude of environments and spatial needs.
      Applications: Lobbies | Lounges
      Type: Lounge | Love Seat | Sofa
    • nibia


      Applications: Office | Conference Rooms | Restaurants
      Type: Arm | Lounge
    • zero9


      AWARD WINNING FUNCTIONALITY :: The Zero9 is a highly comfortable, multi-functional chair suitable for public spaces and work environments. This award winning chair has its design enhanced by the fine finishing materials and the availability of a wide range of models, all of which are folding and can be stacked horizontally.
      Applications: Office | Conference Room
      Type: Executive | Conference
    • remo


      Applications: Office | Conference Rooms
      Type: Executive | Conference
    • laqua


      FLUID MOTION :: Today’s modern office chair must be a tool to help inspire, motivate and support the user. The mesh back and seat are ideal for a user looking for flexibility and air movement.
      Applications: Office | Conference Rooms
      Type: Executive | Conference
    • fila


      PRIVACY IN PRIVÉE :: With Privée, the furniture becomes the architec ture; the canopies, although enclosed, are inviting structures that wrap around the seating to ensure privacy and acoustic comfort. The Privée lounge seating can also be fitted with convenient swivel tables, providing a multi-purpose surface to support the way you work.
      Applications: Collaborative Spaces | Office | Universities | Common Spaces | Libraries
      Type: Canopy | Lounge | Sofa | Bench
    • fila


      With the Fila chair, Borgo looks back at history to use machines to create the spirit that was once the Arts and Crafts Movement. The assembly of the many unique machined parts of Fila, introduces the assembler to the traditional skills and crafts that were once synonymous with wood working. At first glance all piece look similar but each are uniquely different. The rows (“fila” in Italian), of the wood spindles, which run up and down the seat and back, each one is slightly different, and spaced to offer the right amount of comfort and support. Fila is available as a side chair and arm chair, and showcases how a traditional material such as wood, can be elegant, functional and comfortable.
      Applications: Restaurants | Bars | Hotels
      Type: Side | Arm Chair | Wood Chair
    • tazza


      FORM TO FIT ANY BODY SPACE :: The Tazza is a contemporary, polypropylene molded plastic chair that is 100% recyclable. Its timeless shell is ergonomically designed, gently hugging the sitter’s body offering back support and a water fall front edge to alleviate pressure from the back of the thigh. Available in four polypropylene colors, and a plethora of upholstery options. The Tazza can be configured with a choice of elegant wooden legs, a swivel base, or a more practical stacking sled or 4-leg bases. To round out the collection the Tazza can also be set on a 2-4 seat beam.
      Applications: Office | Conference Room | Training Rooms | Universities
      Type: Stacking | Arm | Side | Multi-Purpose
    • flex


      The innovative Engineered Polymer makes this chair flexible in an intelligent way: Both seat and backrest respond actively to the solicitations of the body, while the user sits, works and moves. The resistance test allows this chair to support a strength flexure higher than 220 lbs. (100 kg) avoiding any alterations.
      Applications: Office | Conference Room
      Type: Task | Side
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