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We pride ourselves as a manufacturer on the cusp of the latest technologies and design trends. We are constantly moving forward and evolving with the world around us.


At Borgo® we do not sell furniture, we sell solutions.

We pride ourselves as a manufacturer on the cusp of the latest technologies and design trends. We are constantly moving forward and evolving with the world around us. We are a manufacturer; design and engineered driven company offering a wide range of furniture for fixed seating, corporate, hospitality and healthcare environments.
We are a Canadian company strategically positioned minutes away from Toronto’s Pearson International Airport, and three major highways.

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Borgo® is committed to diversity and inclusion.
We are an equal opportunity employer (minorities/women/veterans/disabilities).

Current Job Openings:

General Purpose
Upholsters products and/or related parts in a manufacturing setting at a standard rate of work based upon customer demand and lean manufacturing principles to satisfy the customer and to provide high quality products delivered in a timely manner. Assists and trains other upholsterers on new or existing products. Problem solves with the assistance of other team members and seeks continuous improvement activities. Performs and completes all activities with a high regard for the safety of others and oneself. May learn additional functions by cross-training in other departments as needed.

The Seamstress/Seamster is responsible for assisting the production team in sewing the necessary materials together in order to complete client’s furniture orders.
Schedule: Full-time Employee Status: Regular


Job Responsibilities:

  • Using the sewing machines necessary to sew fabric as per the design of the products.
  • To ensure BORGO’s standards are met in both quality and consistency for all products.
  • Assisting in the smooth work flow of the factory.
  • Ensuring that all equipment is in proper and safe working order.
  • Work collaboratively with others in mutual support, helping to create a positive working environment.
  • Accomplish any additional tasks that may be required in support of the company.
  • Ensures that BORGO’s IQEMS policies and procedures are adhered to at all times.
  • Ensure a system for tracking environmental costs of operations.


  • Safely operate industrial sewing machines.
  • An experienced Seamstress/Seamster.
  • High attention to detail.
  • Strong organization and time management skills.
  • Strong work ethic.

The Upholsterer is responsible for assisting the production team in assembling the necessary components to complete furniture orders.
Schedule: Full-time Employee Status: Regular


Job Responsibilities:

  • Using scissors, staple guns, hammers, and the other necessary tools needed to assemble and upholster furniture.
  • Ensuring that all components and materials are assembled to BORGO’s quality standards.
  • Assisting in the smooth work flow of the factory.
  • Ensuring that all equipment is in proper and safe working order.


  • Safely operate industrial machinery and equipment.
  • An experienced Upholsterer.
  • High attention to detail.
  • Strong organization and time management skills.
  • Strong work ethic.

CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) Machine Tool Operator
Textile and Woodworking machine operators set up, program and operate one or more textile and woodworking machines to fabricate or repair wooden parts for furniture, fixtures or other wood products. They are employed in furniture, fixture and other wood products manufacturing establishments.
Schedule: Full-time Employee Status: Regular

CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) Machine Tool Operator

Job Responsibilities:

  • Set up, program and operate one or more computer numerically controlled (CNC) or manual textile and woodworking machines such as saws, pressing machines, shapers, drills and sanders to fabricate or repair wooden parts for furniture, fixtures and other wood products.
  • Operate gluing machines to glue pieces of wood together or press and affix wood veneer to wood surfaces.
  • Operate preset special-purpose woodworking machines to fabricate wood products such as coat hangers, mop handles, clothes pins and other products.
  • Read and interpret specifications or follow verbal instructions
  • May clean and lubricate equipment, and replace parts as necessary.

Purchasing Manger
The Purchasing and Inventory Control Personnel is responsible for the purchase of all stocked, non-stocked and custom items negotiating best price, quality and delivery. He is also responsible for the inventory and management of all costs associated with the procurement of parts needed in the manufacture of furniture.
Schedule: Full-time Employee Status: Regular

Purchasing Manger

Job Responsibilities:

  • Communicates closely with customer Service and Production Manager to determine production schedule working with all procedures as outlined in Policy No. 5 – Scheduling of Production Run Bill of Material Journal on Tuesday and Friday mornings to determine what stock items need to be ordered.
  • Manages inventory levels based on agreed financial value
  • Daily runs Outstanding Order Report on all new orders to determine which non-stock items needs to be ordered
  • Works with Production personnel for all non-stock, non-inventoried items to ensure available levels coincide with demand
  • When ordering fabric, secures requirements from Cutter to determine yardage required on all COMs and COLs
  • Prepares Purchase Orders through Business Vision (BV) :
    • Include requested delivery date on each Purchase Order
    • Conform with supplier that required delivery date can be adhered to
  • Uses best purchasing practices in preparing Purchase Orders to ensure volume discounts
  • Contacts suppliers one (1) week prior to confirmed delivery date to ensure the schedule will still be met and hold supplier to all commitments
  • Looks at reports list what need to come in that day and follow up all suppliers
  • Do yearend inventory
  • Addresses any issue with suppliers
  • Arranges for the delivery or pick-up of the components as they are available (Groups all available orders for one shipment to minimize delivery costs)
  • Negotiates all costing with the suppliers ensuring best possible price
  • Uses best practices in securing the best supplier for all given components
  • Source new suppliers as required due to cost, quality, availability, service, etc.
  • Uses every opportunity to consolidate requirements to maximize purchasing power
  • Monitors the quality of the components being received by BORGO
  • Verifies good received against Packing Slips and against Purchase Orders
  • Clarifies any discrepancy with the supplier and seek resolution
  • Verifies pricing on the Invoice with that quoted by the supplier
  • Once verified and correct, attaches Purchase Orders and Packing Slips to Invoices prior to passing through to Accounting (this will denote your approval of the Invoice)
  • Reviews all damaged, broken or non-conforming parts with the supplier (Seek repair, replacement, or financial restitution)
  • Works closely with the Production Manager and suppliers on custom orders
  • Seeks to improve production costs through monitoring Costs of Goods and making suggestions on how to improve costs by sourcing new suppliers or when to make a change
  • Helps with clearing and tidying up of parts as required
  • French Customer Service as required
  • Ensures a system in procurement that includes screening of suppliers and material composition of components.

The Accounts Receivable / Payable Personnel is responsible for providing financial, administrative and clerical services in order to ensure effective, efficient and accurate financial and administrative operations.
Schedule: Full-time Employee Status: Regular


Job Responsibilities:

  • Accounts Payable
    • Verify all invoices to back-up documents of purchase orders and packing slips checking extensions, addition, taxes and other details
    • Purchasing will attach all purchase orders and packing slips to invoices prior to passing them to Accounting
    • Determine payment schedule
    • Post invoice to transaction journal
    • Print a weekly detailed aged accounts payable report for the President
      • Present cash flow summary and suggested payments
      • Highlight suppliers offering discounts for fast payments
      • Highlight suppliers that have called for payment
    • Pull invoices to be paid as agreed with the President
      • Tally by supplier
      • Provide totals for those in Canadian funds and for those in US funds
      • Prepare the cheques
      • Prepare the Disbursement Journal Report
      • Provide tallies, cheques for signing, and invoices to the President
      • Once signed and returned ensure they are mailed as per the rep agreements
  • Payroll
    • Prepare the timecards for the employees in the plant
    • Prepare the weekly and bi-weekly payroll for all company employees
    • Present to the President for signature
    • Add transactions to the disbursement journal
    • Once signed distribute to all employees
    • Maintain employee files
    • Prepare T4 slips for all employees at the conclusion of each calendar year
    • Process new hires/terminations and “set up” new employees in the system
    • Prepare all separation documentation
    • Manage all Worker’s Compensation matters
    • Manage the benefit programs of employees
  • Accounts Receivables
    • Conduct credit reviews on new and delinquent customers
    • Post cash receipts each day there is a bank deposit
    • Research items brought forward by Customer Service requesting credit
    • Issue requested credit invoice based on corporate policies
    • Perform collections under guidelines of the President
      • Keep detailed records of these interactions
      • Report problem accounts to the President and Vice President as required
  • Administration
    • Produce reports from the computers as required for the financial statements and/or as required by the President
      • Disbursement Journals
      • Detailed Aged Accounts Payable
      • Detailed Aged Accounts Receivable
      • General Ledger
      • Trial Balance
      • Transaction Journal
      • Month-end report for President
      • Year-end report for Accounting Statement
    • Reconcile books monthly
    • Prepare and remit to the government
      • HST
      • Worker’s Compensation
      • Employee Health Tax Reports
    • Support the preparation of annual budgets
      • Compile budget data
      • Update active budget monthly
    • Maintain lease and rental agreements
    • Collect inventory data

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